February 15, 2009

Posted in kate, things I like at 5:00 pm by kate

1. I wrote online for a long time and then I stopped. I missed it, so I started again.

2. Probably how this is going to work is that I will write in this box a couple of times a week and then publish it. I don’t really expect anything more of myself or this publication.

3. I also plan to tell you about things that I like.

4. My favourite things in the world (today) are Orange Blossom perfume, having a cleaning lady, napping with my dogs and eating perfectly prepared salmon.

5. I’m an editor and I write for a living so I really relish using improper grammar sometimes. And I’d love a Robot Butler or maybe a pair of Octuplet babies to do all my chores.


  1. Tracy27 said,

    Re: Octuplet baby servants – eh, take three, they’re small.

  2. Swistle said,


  3. Katie said,

    And yes, I read them all. Every single one. I missed you.

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