March 31, 2009


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1. Over the weekend the office where I work moved into a new building. A very new building. Currently we have to wear a hard hat to use the bathroom and our only exit is via a rickety three-story fire escape. I have just come from my first day at the (very) new office and the instant I closed the front door behind me I took my pants off and poured an extra-large and extra-cold glass of water. Later I will I watch my Television Boyfriend, Detective Elliot Stabler and also: eat pizza.

2. I hope that tomorrow the work fridge will be plugged in and functioning, as I have big plans (turkey & swiss on a croissant) for that fridge. And if the work fridge is not functioning my second wish is that I might pee without donning a hard hat. Please.

3. Today I am loving: universal healthcare, my (ridiculous) bedazzled grey uggs, the afternoon sun on my face, this overpriced (but gorgeous) leather tote and these prints (I am particularly enamored with the onion).

March 28, 2009


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1. So I have been getting email for someone named Kristin. The very best part about this, of course, is that her name is Kristin and these people are emailing her at theKate(at) How can she be the Kate IF HER NAME IS NOT EVEN KATE?

2. I deliberately took an earlier streetcar on Friday so I wouldn’t have to listen to the Chatty Chatty 7:53 people. The earlier streetcar was late and slow and then the speed went from slow to slower and I looked to my right and there was a massive Mute Swan dead in the middle of the street. At the next stop there was a dead seagull dead on the shelter bench.

3. For thematic purposes I would have preferred there were three dead white birds on my way to work. In writing and design things work best in groups of three. Then I realized that maybe there was a third one. I can say one of two things here: one, my heart is a dead white bird; two, that turkey and swiss sandwich in my bag was also pretty much a dead white bird.

4. I am almost positive that I just washed and dried a load of laundry without putting any detergent in the washing machine. The question is, do I re-wash and re-dry them?

5. I think the answer is yes.

March 26, 2009


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A friend of mine started a blog recently and with the blog came a pseudonym. I realized then that I had not selected a nom de blog for myself and had in fact titled the blog after myself. I have pretty much always felt strongly about my name and I never want to be anything other than Kate, preferably the Kate (bitches).

Here are other things I feel strongly about:

1. Mini Eggs are the best possible candy for a multitude of reasons and the very best way to eat a packet of mini eggs is with a cup of very hot Earl Grey.

2. My favorite symbol is the ampersand followed by the cent sign.

3. Each and every day it boggles my mind that the 7:43 streetcar comes at 7:35 at the LATEST. This is fantastic because there’s no other way a 7:43 streetcar could get me downtown by 8 am but on the other hand: you are not the 7:43. You are the 7:35.

4. There is a super-friendly group of people on the 7:53 (which of course comes at 7:48) streetcar AND I HATE THEIR GUTS. Maybe it is my divorce or maybe it is just their obvious comfort with (and fondness for) each other. Maybe it is the loud voices and the bite-by-bite desciptions of dinner and oh my god if I hear one of them talk about marinating something that then putting it in the convection oven I will pierce my own eardrum with a sharp pencil.

5. Maybe it is not my divorce; I probably would have hated them just as much when I was happily married.

5. Here is another thing about getting divorced: every so often I am hit such with a massive wave of sadness that I think might actually stop breathing.