March 31, 2009


Posted in kate, things I like at 10:19 pm by kate

1. Over the weekend the office where I work moved into a new building. A very new building. Currently we have to wear a hard hat to use the bathroom and our only exit is via a rickety three-story fire escape. I have just come from my first day at the (very) new office and the instant I closed the front door behind me I took my pants off and poured an extra-large and extra-cold glass of water. Later I will I watch my Television Boyfriend, Detective Elliot Stabler and also: eat pizza.

2. I hope that tomorrow the work fridge will be plugged in and functioning, as I have big plans (turkey & swiss on a croissant) for that fridge. And if the work fridge is not functioning my second wish is that I might pee without donning a hard hat. Please.

3. Today I am loving: universal healthcare, my (ridiculous) bedazzled grey uggs, the afternoon sun on my face, this overpriced (but gorgeous) leather tote and these prints (I am particularly enamored with the onion).

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  1. jen said,

    ooh i love that elephant. i am so glad you got those uggs!

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