April 4, 2009


Posted in kate at 6:46 pm by kate

1. I should probably just tell you now that I really hate washing my face. I love being clean and I think it’s important to take care of my skin but oh my god first there is the lathering and then my shirt gets all wet and then maybe I got all the suds off MAYBE I DID NOT.

2. Sometimes when I am work I will drop a piece of food — a Pringle, the edge of a sandwich roll, a unused lozenge — and then thirty seconds later I realize, oh, right, none of my coworkers are dogs so I guess I have to pick that up.

3. I am really in love with these initial cards from Thornwillow Press. I want to buy the entire alphabet.

4. PS: there is really nothing funnier than a dog eating a lozenge.


  1. Catie said,

    Listen, here is what you do- you lather, then you use a washcloth and wipe off the suds. You do this a few times. Your shirt still gets a little wet, but not soaked.

  2. Tracy27 said,

    I’m sorry to report that Angus has so far not taken his floor crumb cleanup duties at all seriously. Having a baby here helped, though, through sheer volume of training opportunities.

  3. Eva said,

    I hate washing my face too. Twins!

  4. Tracey said,

    I love being clean, but I hate getting wet. I have not figured out how to fix this problem.

  5. Katie said,

    Number 2 is officially my facebook status. I just wanted you to know.

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