April 23, 2009


Posted in kate, things I feel strongly about at 9:27 pm by kate

1. I know you have already heard this story but I have this friend named Catie and every time we talk to each other all day long we start out by saying LISTEN and you know what? We’re already listening. I think we just like bellowing.

2. The bellowing is kind of a recurring theme. I like bellowing, I love it when cars honk uselessly, and you can win my heart forever by unleashing one really good MOTHERFUCKER.

3. This week I have had the sort of week where it is Thursday and I all of the sudden I realize ha ha ha I wore yoga pants to work every single day this week. And then when I come home from work I have to spend quality time with my Secret Television Boyfriend Detective Elliot Stabler who is the sexiest man alive. And then after two-three hours of my Secret Television Boyfriend Detective Elliot Stabler I write and edit and write and edit and whoops, it is 11 PM and I am working from home without really meaning to.

4. And then I go to bed.


  1. Erin said,

    LOVE all three. So you listen here Kate and YOU LISTEN GOOD MOTHERFUCKER. I love your MOTHERFUCKING BLOG.

  2. kate said,

    Yeah that’s pretty much the best comment of all time.

  3. andrea said,

    Listen, between you and Catie, I want to say LISTEN all of the time. Sometimes I want to follow LISTEN up with ASSHOLE.

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