July 11, 2009


Posted in kate, things I feel strongly about at 12:42 pm by kate

1. So I am packing. I move a week from today.

2. It has been a total trip. When I say that I sort of half-mean “it has been quite a trip down memory lane!” and I sort of half mean “it has been totally fucking mind-boggling because I am all the sudden looking at eleven years worth of stuff and HEY remember that time I did hospice work FOR TWO YEARS?”

3. When I started I limited myself to three indulgent boxes; one for nostalgia, one for old writing, and one for art supplies and ephemera. For the most part it’s been easy to sort things: a card from one of my students in China that has Delicious Work written on the front in glitter? Nostalgia! Absurdly large collection of scientifically accurate insect stickers? Art supplies!

4. Then I hit something like an old love letter from my first boyfriend and I think, I don’t really need this, I should throw it out. Then the same first boyfriend adds me as a friend on Facebook that very same day and I think NO, I should BURN IT and THEN throw it out.

5. Seriously, I am about as interested in reconnecting with my old boyfriends as I am in reconnecting with a case of head lice.

6. So I am moving. A week from tomorrow.

7. This feels like a big move.