April 28, 2010


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1. Confession: I don’t have an iron or an ironing board and in the rare event that I need something de-wrinkled I just take it to the dry cleaner.

2. That usually happens before business trips; on my last personal trip I brought three pairs of yoga pants and a sign that said no, seriously, fuck you.

3. Confession: I have been struggling lately, by which I mean, I feel as if everything has been a struggle. Work has been excruciating in a way that I won’t talk about on the internet. I’m unhappy and I keep thinking YOU ONLY GET ONE LIFE and then I punch myself in the face. Mostly because only giant douchebags walk around saying YOU ONLY GET ONE LIFE even if it is actually true.

3. Confession: I have been pretty much obsessed with buying a gigantic diamond ring for myself. I will probably buy a lab-made diamond or maybe something synthetic because I would prefer that this be a ridiculous purchase rather than a genuinely foolish one. But still. I cannot stop thinking about this. Crazy old lady with gigantic diamond ring YOUR TABLE IS READY.