September 13, 2010


Posted in to do at 9:56 pm by kate

I made a list of things I would like to do. A lot of people on the internet have made lists like this, although mine is incredibly pedestrian compared to most of theirs. I am okay with that.

    1. Become a Canadian citizen
    2. Own an opera-length strand of pearls
    3. Have a signature perfume
    4. Maintain a flowering plant like a rose bush or a peony
    5. Publish a short story, essay or article
    6. Publish a book
    7. Find the perfect pair of jeans
    8. Find the perfect (wearable) pair of heels
    9. Maintain a well-stocked bar
    10. Have curly hair
    11. Learn to drive stick (I’m cheating with this one, because I already can. But it was on my mental to-do list for such a long time before I did it so I feel like it counts.)
    12. Wear makeup every day for a month
    13. Go to Turkey
    14. Launch [secret project]
    15. Have a weekly column (I have one now, I would like another)
    16. Have a regular once a week drinks-after-work group
    17. Speak at a conference (I’ve done this, I want to do it again)
    18. Give a keynote speech
    19. Take voice lessons
    20. Buy & wear a bikini that I love
    21. Get five new different kinds of dishes (as many as I can of each kind, it doesn’t matter if it’s two or ten)
    22. Find a way to eat raw fruits & vegetables without getting sick (right now I get really sick when I eat about 90% of the fruits and vegetables in the world. It makes me sad.)
    23. Become the VP of something
    24. Volunteer with a hospice organization
    25. Launch a proper real-name professional website