September 24, 2009


Posted in kate, things I like at 10:55 pm by kate

1. Oh my bod, so much has happened since I updated last.

2. For one, I started saying “oh my bod” instead of “oh my god” and for two, I moved. I moved into a new apartment and now I live alone.

3. The interesting thing about this — ending my marriage and moving to a new place — is that it has filled me with tremendous joy. For MONTHS I cried over my house, my gorgeous house, the house we bought about 50 days before I learned my husband was having an affair. And then I actually moved out, and to my great astonishment, I have not missed that house even once.

4. I think that pretty much means that I am an idiot.

5. Since I last updated, I also turned 29 and went to Santa Barbara on business. Turning 29 is a little bit weird because it’s hard to say you’re 29 without someone assuming that you mean “I am actually 36 and also kind of an age-ist asshole.”

6. I also bought a purple sweater and a pair of really great shoes.